a Bound by Blood Short: Pain 101

We don’t own the rights to ‘TMNT’, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, ‘Casey Jones’ or any related character.
We are not supported by Nickelodeon in any way.
A Bound by Blood Short: Pain 101 is made by fans with passion,
love and dedication.

We do have future plans for a short, we have the script ready.
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Below some video’s from this awesome project:

Pain 101 Making of 2

Making 101

Pain 101 Making Of Scene 1

Pain 101 Behind the scenes 2

Project Details

Director, Producer -
Danny Maas
Asst. Director, Producer -
Bas van Dun
Producer - Janneke Ongering
Cinematography -
Maarten van den Berg
Choreography - Doné Maasdamme